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Aesthetics are Changing in a 1-to-1 Environment

The school I work in is changing.  Technology is playing a considerable role.  Laptops have been a part of the school culture since the beginning, but a change to Apple over the last 2 years has changed things even more dramatically.  One of the significant changes I’ve seen is that faculty and students are creating much more digital media.  Now that curriculum is “catching up” with the skills of faculty and students, there are more digital media products being developed than physical media products.  While there are many reasons that this is terrific, one of the implications is that there are less examples of student work to be displayed throughout the building (there are exceptions such as visual arts).

The result of the changing school culture is that our display boards (bulletin boards) are left lacking.

  • Faculty are having to reconsider how to create physical representations of digital work so that they can be displayed and celebrated
  • The school needs to consider the support/products that are available to create physical representation
  • The school needs to investigate and implement various forms of digital signage to effectively display digital products

What is your school doing to present and celebrate digital student work?