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February 27, 2011


How would you like your education? Laptop, Tablet, Device or Combo?

by fambrojoe

iStock PhotoIf your school is well resourced and embraces newest practices in teaching and learning, you likely already have implemented a 1:1 laptop program.  Others, however, may be in the process of deciding how to support student learning through technology and what tools are most appropriate.  While it seems that most are currently in agreement that a laptop is still the primary device needed, others are beginning to question if tablets or other devices will soon replace the laptop.  When will a single no longer be sufficient to support student learning in the 21st Century?  My students currently often use their iPod Touch and handphones (many already have smartphones) in the class.  Some are also bringing a Apple iPad or Galaxy Tab with them to class.  Sometimes these tablets are used as complimentary devices along with their laptop and other times (less so) theSo, the questions really should be posed to students, “How would you like your education?”

1:1   One laptop for each student

1:1t   One tablet for each student

1:1d   One device for each student (usually referring to something like an iPod touch)

1:1+   One laptop for each student plus other devices

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  1. Deon Scanlon
    Feb 27 2011

    My school’s model is not covered:

    1:1 iPod touch, plus 1:2 laptop

    I think 1:1 mobile device is important. Having laptops is useful for more demanding tasks (video editing, creation of large docs if necessary).

    Portable devices cover pretty much everything, though: all reference material, camera, voice recorder, productivity, personal organisation…

    I think 1 laptop, plus other devices is overkill. The laptop will either dominate (we have many students who ALWAYS choose the laptop) or the laptop will only get occasional use (some kids prefer to go for what’s in their pocket, almost eve time).

    I’m not a student, by the way. I will put this question to my students.

    I predict the answer to be 1 laptop plus other devices, though, as most don’t have laptops, and see them as something new and exciting. You can’t play Call of Duty properly on an iPod touch!


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